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The most effective method to Use Your Pendrive As A Ram In Windows

Does your PC hangs up amid some operation or do any projects require more slam to run.Don't stress now you can utilize your pendrive as a ram.Yes you can change over your pendrive into a virtual memory and use it as a ram in windows running pc/laptop.This strategy will offer you to run some assistance with

complicating projects that eat your ram furthermore accommodating to accelerate low smash systems.For this instructional exercise you require a pendrive which have least 2GB memory.And then simply take after beneath steps:

►Step 1

Connect your pendrive and "format" it.

The most effective method to Use Your Pendrive As A Ram In Windows

►Step 2

After that Right Click on pendrive and pick "Properties"

The most effective method to Use Your Pendrive As A Ram In Windows

►Step 3

Presently a little window will popup.In that window select "ReadyBoost".Now pick "Utilize this gadget" and set most extreme space to save for framework speed.After that snap "Apply" and after that "alright"

The most effective method to Use Your Pendrive As A Ram In Windows

What's more, now your pendrive will act as a ram for your PC.

The most effective method to Use Your Pendrive As A Ram In Windows

Furthermore, remember don't separate pendrive amidst an operation,it will solidify your sytem.If you need to disengage it,then again Right tap on pendrive then pick "Properties" and afterward "ReadyBoost" and select "Don't utilize this device".After that snap "Apply" and afterward "Ok".And then "Configuration" it once more.


This strategy will abbreviate the life of the USB. Typical blaze drives have constrained quantities of composes. For typical use, it sets aside quite a while for the keeps in touch with run out. Be that as it may, if utilized as RAM where a huge number of exchanges are done each moment, the life of the drive may be fundamentally abbreviated.

Try not to uproot the USB. It'll crash your framework. On the other hand, essentially connecting the USB back to and rebooting will settle the acc


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